Dobby Ugenne the Boston Terreir is the What Do You Think Kids Mascot.The Host thaught the show wouldn't be cool without a cute mascot, so Dobs came in to save the day.Dobs was givven a concussion by Jake with a bat




Gummy bear Girl=Godmother


EEVEElol=Great aunt


BTR Lover=Mom


Concussion story

we were playing baseball when dobby was outside, jake hit the ball and dobby too, dobby had a concussion, but how? it was a metal bat.

sick story

BTR Lover wanted a dog and we got one but the second day we had him he seemed sick so we took him to the animal hospital he had an amoniya, parvo (stomach sickness) it took him 2 months to get better so it was bad for dobby.

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